Officeangelz is specialised in chair massages in the workplace and at events in and around Amsterdam.

With a 20 minute on site chair massage, stress-related health issues belong to the past and you are fully recharged for your next challenge.

The Massage

A chair massage focuses on the neck, shoulders, back, legs, arms and hands. This reenergizing treatment, which combines the traditional Japanese and classic massage techniques, guarantees instant stress and pain relief.

During the massage the client stays fully dressed and no oil is used so employees transition from office to massage chair in seconds.

All practitioners from Officeangelz are fully equipped with portable equipment so this unique service can be offered at any location.

The Results

It only takes a single chair massage to be convinced of its many advantages. Physical complaints like headaches and muscle tension belong to the past and by creating awareness around your posture, the risk at RSI is minimized.

Reduced stress levels result in a lowered blood pressure and heart rate.In just 20 minutes you feel refreshed, motivated and focused. Employers benefit from a lowered sick leave, higher productivity and happy employees.


Officeangelz offers this exclusive, on site service for €60,- (excluding VAT) per hour. All practitioners are fully equipped with portable chairs so we can offer massages on every location.

Standard Pricing


Per session
  • Reduces stress
  • Minimizes RSI complaints
  • Reduces (chronic) pain
  • Lower sick leave
  • Motivated and happy employees

Sonja Oldenburg

About Sonja

I’m an experienced personal trainer, coach and boot camp instructor, working in the business since 2001. I strive to coach my clients beyond the gym so I became a certified sports and chair masseuse. I play an important role in their recovery.

Sonja Oldenburg

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